Our Mission

APL is all about getting the truest sound from your speakers. Even the best speakers and headphones introduce their own specific characteristics into playback, giving you a less-than-accurate reproduction of the original audio source.  However, with APL’s range of products, you can achieve the most accurate sound playback in all environments – studio, live audio, or car – with relatively little expertise or expense.  Please feel free to explore the range of APL products and dig into the technological side of our world renowned hardware and software. The new era of sound is here!

About APL Audio

Renowned sound engineer Raimonds Skuruls is the founder and owner of Acoustic Power Lab Ltd. He spent three years developing a new loudspeaker frequency characteristics correction technology that was awarded an initial patent in 2005, and now has patent coverage in the U.S., Canada, Russia, and other countries. The technology was awarded an Excellence prize at AES 2007 in New York, and Pro Sound News Europe deems SPFR (sound/acoustic power frequency response) correction technology as one of the leading innovations in the field.

In 2010, Skuruls developed an alternative frequency characteristics correction technology for car audio systems. The car equipped with that solution earned the Best Sound Award at the Salzburg EMMA European final competition in March of 2013.