APL users' have won numerous awards on the field of sound system building. Here you will find some of these.


Sergey Dubinin

On 25th of March , 2014 - EMMA (European mobile media association) European finals 2013 took place in Salzburg, Austria. 170 cars from 26 countries participated in this final stage of 2013 competition season. Participants were evaluated by the Judge Team consisting of members from 20 nations. Sergey Dubinin,  (Mitsubishi Outlander XL) received 1st place awards in two “heaviest” classes – Expert Unlimited and MM Expert One class. This year’s achievement is a successive step forward if we look at the last year’s results – two second places in the same classes. Sergey has 8 channels of APL processing on board provided by APL1 2channel unit and APL3m 6 channel unit.
Congratulations to Sergey and his engineer Alexander Martyanov! Thanks for enormous efforts in gaining such results!

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