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Please fill in the form below to buy APL products. You will be contacted by email as soon as possible regarding payment options and delivery of program licenses or units. Feel free to ask for your personal quotation and remember that details marked with a red asterisk are mandatory. Happy shopping!

 APL1LS unit: 599€
 APL TDA RT Business license: 734€
 APL TDA RT Individual license: 262€
 APL TDA RT Student license: 62€
 APL TDA RT Academic license: FREE
 APL TDA Business license: 734€
 APL TDA Individual license: 62€
 APL TDA Student license: 12€
 APL TDA Academic license: FREE
 APL Workshop: 320€
 APL TDA EQ: 320€
 APL EP1 VST-plugin: 150€
 APL1s unit: 1099€
 APL1 unit: 510€
 APL1 RCA unit: 510€
 APL1 XLR unit: 580€
 APL1 XLR AES unit: 620€
 APL2 HP unit: 1162€
 16 preset option for any APL1 version: 50€

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