APL hard and software for the audio industry. Please make your order trough our buy-section. Also feel free to ask for your personal quotation!


TDA RT – The Real Time version of the Time Domain Analysis program.

Please meet the TDA Real Time program. It gives as 7 graphs of TDA program same time in a speed of 3 times per second with latency about 0.5 seconds. You can see any changes in your system almost instantly.

You can tune your system`s crossover in 2 … 3 minutes as in these examples of tuning of Linear Phase crossover and our usual Minimum Phase crossover.

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  • Academic license: Free
  • Student license: 62 EUR
  • Individual license: 262 EUR
  • Business license: 734 EUR


APL1LS – half rack unit of APL1 family

APL1LS is a FIR based 2 channel equalizer with 4096 coefficient FIR filters per channel allowing curve resolution of up to 6Hz. It is capable of creating any arbitrary Amplitude Frequency Response (AFR), Phase Frequency Response (PFR) or Delay Frequency Response (DFR) suitable for very detailed and accurate corrections and equalization in critical applications such as studio monitors, headphones and car audio systems.

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Price: 599 EUR



After 15 years of offering detailed EQ for complete loudspeaker systems, it is time to go into next level of accuracy and use detailed EQ on each of ways/bands to make possible ideal crossover. Please meet APL1012 – 10 channel ultimate FIR filter based loudspeaker system processor.

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APL TDA IM -Intermodulation measurement

APL TDA IM, provides intermodulation distortion testing to the time domain analysis capabilities of APL TDA.  Its full spectrum IMD testing gives greater insight into non-linear distortion performance than conventional THD and fixed 2-tone testing alone, especially in the HF band.

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APL1s sports an elegant, steel engraved front panel and has a 16 slot memory preinstalled by default. It is the most pristine APL hardware FIR filter unit to date, proudly continuing the state of the arts sound legacy of APL.

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 Price: 1099 EUR





A portable size FIR engine equalizer unit. It operates with *.fir equalizer files created by APL TDA EQ or APL Workshop software.

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APL TDA measurement software

Incorporates Time Domain Analysis solution to have incredibly high time resolution allowing direct evaluation (observation) of delays in loudspeaker systems. For all basic tunings of loudspeaker systems and its processors.

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  • Academic license: Free
  • Student license: 12 EUR
  • Individual license: 62 EUR
  • Business license: 734 EUR


APL TDA EQ measurement and equalizer synthesis software

Uses Time Domain Analysis for an equalizer creation. The detailed equalization of TDA EQ is suitable for any critical loudspeaker applications, in particularl, studio monitors. Output *.fir files go to APL1 unit or APL EP1 VST plugin.

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Price: 320 EUR


The custom measurement of headphones  and equalizer creation.

Making headphones as exceptional and accurate sound sources as possible.

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APL Workshop

A SPDR measurement and equalizer synthesis software for work in car environments and large halls. Output *.fir files goes to an APL1 unit or an APL EP1 VST plugin.

Price: 320 EUR



APL EP1 VST plugin

An equalizer plugin to gain APL correction in software domain for any systems that supports VST plugins. To operate it needs *.fir equalizer files created by APL TDA EQ or APL Workshop softwares. It has zero latency and can operate with any sample rate of *.fir files and data streams.

Price: 150 EUR



Automotive version of APL1, all connectors RCA, plastic and stainless steel enclosures available.

Price: 510 EUR





Professional version of APL1, analog input/output connectors XLR.

Price: 580 EUR




Professional version of APL1, analog input/output connectors XLR, digital AES/EBU inputs/outputs added, SPDIF and TOSLINK still also available.

Price: 620 EUR





Professional rack mount version of  APL equalizer unit with a headphone amplifier and a monitor loudspeaker/headphone switching management.

Price: 1162 EUR



16 preset option for any APL1  version.

The rotary preset switch can be installed remotely from APL1 unit by us of 5 wire cable (flat cable)

Price: 50 EUR