TDA - The Worlds First Delay Analysis Software

TDA is a first of its kind speaker analyzing software that gives you access to speaker and PA-system parameters that were unobtainable in the past. Measuring a speaker is blazingly fast with perfect accuracy. Thanks to a proprietary short sweep technology and a new time domain analysis algorithms, it takes just a matter of seconds. After this the program automatically calculates accurate AFR, DFR, IR and TDA visualizations for use in speaker and PA-system calibration from small studios up to major concert venues. Yes, you heard right. No more measuring in the lab needed to know your gear in and out.

If you are a touring sound engineer, TDA will make it a breeze to recalibrate PA on the set as it is possible to find damaged speakers or elements quickly. It also allows fine tuning of crossover frequencies with accuracy impossible with competing products. This results to greater sonic fidelity and higher max SPL. Logarithmic IR analyzing is also possible giving invaluable information about the quality of speaker elements.

APL TDA offers these groundbreaking features:

  • AFR - Amplitude Frequency Response
  • DFR – Delay Frequency Response
  • IR, both linear and logarithmic
  • Non Linear Distortion Analysis and frequency curves of first 10 harmonics.
  • Delay visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Precise parameter viewing in mouse location
  • Easy to use analyzing tools
  • Measurement window up to 300ms
  • Accurate down to 1/96ms




For best result on any given speaker or PA setup:

  1. Tune-up crossover system – delays, phases, levels (by use of APL TDA as measurement tool)
  2. Measure SPFR and apply correction (APL WORKSHOP and APL1 equalizer)
  3. Measure residual DFR (delay frequency response) by use of APL TDA
  4. Do DFR correction based TDA delay measurement (DFR correction synthesis and APL1 as equalizer with SPFR and DFR corrections merged)

TDA Screen Shots