TDA RT – The Real Time version of the Time Domain Analysis program.


There is the TDA program in APL`s product range with lot of nice features. But it takes about 7 seconds to see the results of the measurement. Which is too much for our hurry time.

Please meet the TDA Real Time program.

It gives as 7 graphs of TDA program same time in a speed of 3 times per second with latency about 0.5 seconds.

You can see any changes in your system almost instantly.

You can tune your system`s crossover in 2 … 3 minutes as in these examples of tuning of Linear Phase crossover and our usual Minimum Phase crossover.

You will never get stuck in the complexity of Phase response because of availability of Group Delay curve and TDA graph to evaluate the timing properties of your System with a confidence.


APL TDA RT 7 graphs are:

    • Impulse Response in logarithmic scale – to see the overall performance of the system and measurement,
    • Impulse Response – to see the details of dynamic performance of the system,
    • AFR - Amplitude Frequency Response
    • PFR – Phase Frequency Response
    • GDR - Group Delay Frequency Response,
    • Time Domain Analysis graph,
    • Amplitude Frequency Response from TDA process.



For best result on any given speaker or PA setup:

  1. Tune-up crossover system – delays, phases, levels (by use of APL TDA RT as measurement tool)
  2. Measure SPFR and apply correction (APL WORKSHOP and APL1 equalizer)
  3. Measure residual DFR (delay frequency response) by use of APL TDA RT or APL TDA
  4. Do DFR correction based TDA delay measurement (DFR correction synthesis and APL1 as equalizer with SPFR and DFR corrections merged)


Download a TDA Real Time Trial

Download a TDA Real Time Installation and Quick Start Guide

Download a TDA Presentation


Video - Tuning the 4 way Linear Phase crossover without use of muting. 2:20 min.
Video - Tuning the 4 way Linear Phase crossover with use of muting. 3:36 min.
Video - Tuning the 4 way Minimum (ordinary) Phase crossover with use of muting. 3:06 min.


TDA Real Time Screen Shots   - click to enlarge