Users of APL Audio


Tanel Klesment

Recording Engineer
Tallinn, Estonia

APL technology has provided me with unheard accuracy and sound fidelity, translating into faster workflows due to natural and open sound. This makes mixing and mastering more efficient and saves me a lot of time."

Tanel Klesment is a renowned Estonian recording and live sound engineer with over 20 years of professional experience in classical and jazz music productions. He has worked with many high profile musicians such as Neeme Järvi, Eri Klas, Paavo Järvi, Kristjan Järvi, Tõnu Kaljuste, Andres Mustonen and many more. He has also worked with Arvo Pärt, Estonian Public Broadcast (ERR), Jazzkaar festival, international Opera festival Birgitta, Estonian State Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Philharmonic Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, etc. He has also worked with labels such as ECM, Chandos, ERP Music, Toccata Classics.



Enno Mäemets

Senior Recording and Mastering Engineer
Editroom Oy, Finland,

„APL technologies provide a more analytical listening experience, giving me greater artistic possibilities.“

Deutsche Grammophone, Sony Classics, etc.

2004 Cannes Classical Awards, Disc of the Year
Recording of the Year 2006 from Finnish Broadcasting Company
Disc of the Year at BBC Music Magazine Awards 2007
Midem Classical Award 2007, etc.



Sergej Dubinin

Moscow, Russia

Car sound competitor, audio enthusiast

„Thanks to Raimonds and to 8 channels of APL detailed equalization it was possibile to take participation in two "heaviest" classes - "Expert Unlimited" and "MM Expert One class" of EMMA Europe final competition simultaneously and to take first places in both of them.”

Check ouy Sergej's car audio projects here:




Sergej Dubinin, EMMA car audio competition multi time winner and audio enthusiast

John Sweeney

Owner of Paradoxxsound studios, Los Angeles
„Last night I listened to a project I recorded in 2005 with APL correction, I have listened to the project hundreds of times over the years. I heard details that I forgot were there like speed changes in the Lesile speaker and small inflections in the back up vocal. The reverb detail was unbelievable. It brought back memories of every detail of the sessions. The guitar tone reminded me of the guitar players amp and the mic I used. Over all I am very impressed with the correction, the detail is like with headphones.

Paradoxx Studios control room in Los Angeles, USA

Maxim Babayev.

CEO, owner of one of leading rental companies of Russia „T-Audio”


„We are using Raimond`s works from year 2008 and are very happy with saved time and money to keep our numerous rental loudspeaker system sets up and running”



Alexander Oleinik

Sound engineer and producer of „MOVA”, Kiev, Ukraine

I am using the APL detailed EQ, APL EP1 VST eq plugin, with group MOVA in studio and concert work as well. Even for already well working Adam S4A monitors the detailed voicing of APL helps incredibly. It makes sound designing decision making much easerier and less time consuming.

The APL's detailed EQ works very well for concert sound – for FOH as well as for stage monitors. I am using software setup based on Reaper and the APL EP1 VST eq plugin is capable of doing all equalizer/correction tasks, with zero latency. It takes a few minutes to get our own sound on an onsite or rent PA. It is very nice that a plugin can work with any data stream sample rate and any filter file sample rate without any manual aligning.




Alexander Martyanov

Kazanj. Russia

„Now it is possible „to hear” everything! Thanks to APL for products that create a brand new level of quality for the car audio industry!”

Alexander Martyanov is a Leading Russian car audio engineer who has worked for many of the leading Russian car sound competitors, including Sergey Dubinin – a double champion of EMMA Europe.

Be sure to check ouy Alexanders own build log:



Sergey Golovin

Kiev, Ukraine
Concert sound engineer of Jamala – Ukrainian jazz singer
System engineer of „Jazz in Kiev” „Alfa Jazz Fest” festivals.
Sound engineer of a number of live tv shows – „Голос страны” „Народная звезда”
 „Суперзвезда” „Танцую для тебя”
CTO of the company „Tik-Tak”

„I am familiar with Raimond`s works from very first prototypes in 2007 and those results have surprised me.
I do not see any possibility to work without APL1 today. First of all I am forced to work in different TV sound busses (or control rooms) for different TV shows with different sound monitors. APL1 helps me to get the same working „sound environment” for each of the shows and help bringing my best quality to each of them. Even in good rooms and with good monitors APL1's detailed equalization makes work much easier to do and decision making a lot faster.

Secondly APL1 detailed equalization brings a new level of quality for large concert sound systems even if they are tuned the best way with ordinary tools. The usage of APL1 (measurement and setup) takes less time for each next use of it and results are way better. Both cases of use are showing very high repeatability of results that is the most important thing for me.

I am using some kind of „off line” APL eq for my car sound also. I did APL eq on all of my favorite recording files by use of APL EP1 VST plugin. Now I have ability to enjoy APL detailed equalization in my car without any changes in its hardware.”



Евгений Середа

Jekaterinburg, Russia

„It is very nice to see our clients happiness enjoying brand new level of car sound quality. It is hard to mention all the exclamations received from clients that find completely new experience from their well known, very familiar recordings”

Евгений Середа is an owner and manager of the „Bluesmobile” car tuning shop.



Peter Morris

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide Sound Hire

„I must say that TDA and APL Workshop have changed the way I think about system EQ.  The results we are getting by using those tools are better than ever.  The most interesting thing was setting a system up by ear and then testing the system. What we found was that we were not necessarily correcting the right things. When we made the changes that this software indicated our result was fantastic.”


Alexander Martyanov, a leading Russian car audio expert from Kasanj.
Alexander Martyanov (in the center)
Sergey Golovin, a Ukrainian recording and FOH sound engineer
Sergei Golovins studio setup with APL